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Monday, May 3, 2010

More Basketball Names

Dominique’s prowess on the court coined him “The Human High-Light Reel” because every night he did something spectacular. Larry Bird was known as “The Hick From French Lick” and “Larry Legend”. One of the most power dunkers was Darryl Dawkins so his nickname of “Chocolate Thunder” is fitting. Clyde Drexler could just fly when dunking so his moniker became “Clyde the Glide”.

Dirk Nowitski is the proud owner of three nicknames “Dirty”, “Dirkules” and “The Diggler”. Gary Peyton was known for his smothering defense and became “The Glove” and on the opposite is “kid Delicious”, Kevin Durant for his scoring ability. Of course “Krpytonate” for Nate Robison and for some unknown reason Bruce Bowen is call “The Mosquito”.

Anfernee Hardaway was called “Penny” early in his childhood and naturally Dwayne Wade is “D-Wade”. Rafer Alston is known as “Skip To My Lou” after his streetball past. Allen Iverson became “The Answer” because he answered the city of Philadelphia’s prayers, he also was just “AI”. Chauncey Billup’s earlier nickname was “Smooth” and now it is “Mr. Big Shot”.

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