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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why are Girl ballers more fun to watch ?

I just came back from our organizations annual volunteer dinner and besides the great food I was also able to participate in some great conversation. One thing that came up was the subject of why girls play a more fundamentally sound game of basketball versus that of youth boys. You see even for any given age group there is a distinct difference between the girl’s game and the boy’s game. Girls seemed to more concern with doing the fundamentals and making that one extra pass whereas boys are m ore determined drive the lane regardless of how many players are guarding them or who is wide open. In the past the argument was that boys are more athletic and thus use their physical attributes to succeed while on the other hand girls tend to use the mental aspects to further themselves. Either way girls tend to worry more about “being good than looking good” on the court anyways. One theory that sparked my interest was the theory that girls don’t watch the NBA as much as boys and therefore do not try to emulate the pros.

If you get a chance watch a WNBA game this summer and you will see what I mean.

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