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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Layup

Tips on perfecting a basketball lay-up

Doing a basketball lay-up slowly with no defenders is very easy but not so when you are guarded. Here are the tips for scoring in a lay-up under pressure :

1.Take BIG strides when you are carrying the ball for a lay up

2.Glance at the hoop while you are carrying the ball towards the basketball hoop

3.If you are driving full speed, convert the horizontal momentum to vertical by jumping higher before release

4.Sometimes, changing your pace when taking the steps or power-hopping works well

5.Place the upper arm of your non-dominant hand on the side to resist defender's pressure

6.When you are about to get up in the air, turn your hip and upper back towards the defender to push yourself away

7.Add a slight spin onto the ball to further reduce the horizontal force it carries

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