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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Basketball Defense - The Final Installment

17. Change quickly from offense to defense when you lose possession of the ball.

18. Block out your man when a shot is taken, than move aggressively for the ball. Grab the ball quickly and firmly without tipping it as you may when on offense.

19. Do not leave your feet unless the ball is in the air.

20. Force dribbler toward side, corner, or a congested area. Be sure to stop the baseline drive when guarding a man on the side of the floor.

21. Take two quick steps backward toward basket when your man passes, but keep your eyes on him and try to block his cutting lane.

22. Discover the strong and weak points of your man, and play him accordingly. Note that the offensive man may also be faked.

23. Know the system of your opponent and adjust to it.

24. Help your teammates and protect against the easy shot.

25. Earn the right to be proud of your defense!

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