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Monday, April 19, 2010

Offence scores points, but defence wins Championships !!!

25 Things You Should Remember On Defense

1. Keep between your man and his basket when he has the ball and is in a dangerous cutting area or position, with your back toward the defensive basket. Stay between him and the ball when he is near the basket. Stay an arm's length away when he has the ball.

2. Make it difficult for your man to receive the ball in scoring territory. The most effective defense is played before your man gets the ball.

3. By split vision, try to keep both your man and the ball in your sight at all times. As a general rule, give your man two thirds of your attention and the ball one third. Look through your man, not at him.

4. Never cross your legs. SLIDE! (Unless you are trying to catch the ball).

5. Do not charge an opponent or get your head leaning forward. Keep body low and advance cautiously protecting the most dangerous side and ready to retreat or slide to the right or left.

6. Sprint back when you lose possession of the ball, but look over your shoulder for guidance.

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