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Thursday, April 22, 2010


7. Anticipate movements. Study your man. Make it difficult for him to have the ball in jumping-shooting range.

8. Keep good balance, relaxed and ready. Do not let the head bob up and down.

9. Talk. A talking defense is likely to be a good defense. Yell at a shooter and keep a moving hand in his face. Encourage and help teammates.

10. Be alert to avoid or shift on screens and call all shifts. It is better to shift toward rather than laterally, and the shift must be made without question when called.

11. Open up toward the ball with one hand pointing toward your man and the other toward the ball.

12. Make the offensive man commit himself.

13. Float when away from the ball. The further your man is from the ball, the further you may be from him.

14. Dominate your opponent. Be aggressive. Never relax when on defense. If you must rest, do it on offense.

15. Do not be caught standing or flat-footed, and never stand straight up.

16. Play the ball up underneath the arms of a dribbler or driving shooter and not down across the arms.

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