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Friday, April 30, 2010

Basketball for Parents or youth ?

At what point does parental involvement become too much? We have all heard or seen that parent who screams and yells at kids games. I am not referring to that parent who screams and cheers for their team but rather that parent who insists on criticizing the refs for everything they do. And I mean seeing this scenario at a game where kids are only 8 and 9 years old. There are multiple advertisements and pamphlets which remind us that the game is for the youth and for them to have fun. Now these scenes can be dismissed as a crazy parent but when parental involvement starts to go on behind the scene then I believe it has gone too far.

I can recall instances where parents have complained that their child did not get enough playing time and this was after the first game of the season and they players were if the fine age of 10 years old. Now unfortunately this continues to happen all through the playing career of a youngster. I have even recently heard of a case where a coach in university basketball was forced to leave their job because the parents complained their child was not getting enough floor time. This last instance makes we wonder at what point do we just let the kids play !!!!!!!

I urge all parents to sit back, watch enjoy and just let kids of all ages just be kids.

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